Covid-19: Our plan for a safe stay

As a result of the UK Government lifting formal restrictions, we have reviewed our Covid-19 policies as follows:

What we ask of our guests

If you have had a positive test for Covid-19 before your arrival, then we ask you to cancel your trip. We will waive any cancellation charges.

During your stay please sanitise your hands on entering the building, and when you use any of the shared facilities such as the guest fridge, coffee machine, and honesty bar.

There is no longer a need to wear face masks in shared areas, but please continue to do so if you wish.

If you feel unwell during your stay, please inform us immediately and arrange to be tested.

Changes we have made to make your stay safe

  • We will no longer wear face coverings during check-in, check-out, and when serving your breakfast, but we do commit to testing ourselves regularly.
  • We will continue with extra cleaning of common areas such as handrails, door handles, and switches.
  • At breakfast, we offer table service only if requested. Guests are now welcome to select items themselves from the buffet as required
  • We will open windows in the Dining Room to improve ventilation when required.
  • If you order one of our Northumbrian Platters during your stay, we will serve this to you in the dining room.

Learning Together

We will adapt and improve our process as we learn what works well and not so well and from the feedback, we receive from you, our valued guests, and also if Government guidance changes.

Thank you for your cooperation.