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Berwick-upon-Tweed is a peaceful and quaint town that belies its often turbulent and violent past.

Many battles have been fought and sieges laid in the hills and valleys surrounding the town and during a period of three hundred years, Berwick changed hands between England and Scotland no less than thirteen times. Northumberland’s fascination lies is in the wealth of history against the untamed landscape and becomes its ultimate paradox: the tranquillity and solitude of Lindisfarne, scene of the first recorded invasion by Vikings; the grandeur of Bamburgh Castle, home of the powerbrokers in the Wars of the Roses; the undulating and peaceful countryside of Flodden where one of bloodiest battles fought by Henry VIII was waged against the Scottish hordes and the nearby, restful town of Dunbar, where Oliver Cromwell brought his parliamentarian army.

Northumberland is England’s most northerly county and hides some of the most interesting and varied places to enjoy: from quiet and stunning moorland and resplendent countryside to wonderful coastal scenery with vast empty beaches and undiscovered coves overlooked by dramatic cliffs.

With its remoteness, comes the urge to explore or simply to relax in an environment that exudes calm and peace. And because so much is untouched, there is an abundance of wildlife so often unobserved in other parts of the country. Berwick is also an ideal gateway to the English/Scottish Borders, a glorious region of unspoilt countryside awaiting discovery for those seeking relaxation, a peaceful break or that longed for escape!

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